Student Alumni 2017

Student Alumni 2014

  • Elizabeth Albes - BA in French and Art History at John's Hopkins University; curently a PHD student in French and Romance Philology at Columbia University. Thesis: “Drawn to Disaster: The Aesthetic Appeal of the Ruins of Post-Commune Paris” 
  • Kimberly Coates - English Literature and Political Sciences, Santa Clara University; currently a PhD student in Comparative Literature at SUNY Stony Brook. Thesis: “Experimental Ground for Moral Situations : La Nausée de J-P. Sartre, L’Elégance du hérisson de Muriel Barbery, Les Belles mages de Simone de Beauvoir.” 
  • Lucile Culver - BA in Comparative Literature at the American University Paris. Thesis: “From Architecture to Architext : The Urban Construction of Intimacy in Georges Perec’s La Vie mode d’emploi and Julio Cortazar’s Rayuela” 
  • Rebecca Dehner - BA in English Literature, Webster University, Saint Louis; currently a PHD student in Comparative Literature and Translation at Washington University, St. Louis. Thesis: “Translation or Re-Creation : The Masochistic Self-Translator and the Search for the Third Tongue”
  • John Finkelberg - BA in History, Dartmouth College; currently a PHD student in History at University of Michigan. Thesis: “The Chambige Affair”
  • Karl Gaudyn - BA in Comparative Literature at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign; currently a PHD student in Comparative Literature at the University of Michigan. Thesis: “Unity and Discontinuity in the Stream of Consciousness in Ulysses, Mrs Dalloway, The  Sound and the Fury"
  • Caio Ferreira - BA and MA in History, Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro; currently a PHD student in French and Romance Philology and ICLS at Columbia University. Thesis: “Magnificent Achievements and Noble Endurances : On Exemplarity and the Usefulness of  History from Polybius to Voltaire”
  • Mengqing Han - BA Global History at the University of Beijing; currently a PhD student in Medieval History at Oxford University. Thesis: “The Bayeux Tapestry as a Tragedy” 
  • Thomas Hedges - BA English at Colgate University; currently a journalist and producer at the Real News. Thesis: “Abandoning the Banlieue : 1970-1998” 
  • Alexa Hight - BA in English and In History at Allegheny College; currently a Library Generalist, Naropa University. Thesis: “The Estate Not Gained : The Rôle of the Country Estate in Three Works by Jane Austen Mansfield Park, Persuasion and Sanditon”  
  • Jiyae Hwang - BA in English Literature at Harvard University; currently attending Law Schol at New York University. Thesis: “A Man’s story, a woman’s story: interracial relations in colonial Vietnam in French Literature  and Vietnamese Francophone Literature”
  • Lauren Jannette - BA in French and International Relations Kalamazoo College; currently a PHD Student in History at George Washington University. Thesis: “Mata Hari in the Eyes of French Journalists”
  • Inyoung Kang - BA in Journalism and French at New York University; currently a Editor/Producer at New York Times. Thesis: “La Vie Privée by Vivette Perret : Witnessing of an Era” 
  • Matthew Phillips - BA in Comparative Literature at Emory University; currently a PHD student in French and Francophone Studies at University of Pennsylvania. Thesis: "Edouard Levé's Suicide and Edouard Levé's Suicide"
  • Rosemary Reyes - BA in Humanities at CUNY, City College and a M2 in History at EHESS; currently in Marketing at Roseworks. Thesis: “The Character of Landscapes in Aymé Césaire’s Cahier d’un retour au pays natal" 
  • Amy Vidor - English and French at the University of Southern California; currently a PhD student in Comparative Literature at University of Texas-Austin. Thesis: “Irène Némirovsky’s Suite française : Historical Document and Harrowing Portrait of French Mentalites During the Early Years of Nazi Occupation” 

Student Alumni 2013

  • Ashley Hamill - BA in Literature and Philosophy at Florida State University; currently in Law School at Florida State University. Thesis: “Diverging Disciples : Tolstoy and the Normaliens”
  • Michaela Kleber - BA in English and Philosophy at Vassar College; currently a PhD student in History, College William and Mary. Thesis: “Writing to Speak: Early Nineteenth-Century Women Authors in Great Britain, France, and America ( Jane Austen, Claire de Duras, Maria Sedwick)”
  • Celine Kodia - Licence de Literature française, Université Lumière Lyon; Master de Literature française Université de Bordeaux; currently a PHD student in Romance Studies, McGill university (Canada). Thesis: “Gendering Empowerment: A French Training Program for African Women Entrepreneurs (2010-2012)"
  • Nicole Mahoney - BA in French and History at Wagner College; MA in French and Francophone Studies, Bryn Mawr; currently a PHD student in History, University of Maryland. Thesis: “Transatlantic Narratives of National Identity and Sentimental Rhetoric : Uncle Tom’Cabin in France, (1852-1900)” 
  • Alejandra Ott - BA in Comparative Literature at New York University. Thesis: “Defamiliarization of Perception as an Aesthetic Program” ?
  • Nana Quarshie - BA in African Studies, History and Political Science, University of Toronto; MSC in Race, Ethnicity and Post-Colonial Studies London School of Economics ; currently a PHD student in Anthropology & History at the University of MichiganUniversity of Michigan. Thesis: “A Multi-Spatial Critique of Rural Tradition and Urban Modernity”
  • John Raimo - BA in English and American Literature at Princeton University; MA in English LiteratureOxford University; currently a PhD student in History at New York University . Thesis: “Defining Revolution, Defining Politics: Reinhart Koselleck, François Furet, and the Postwar Lexicon” 
  • Bahij Tamer - BA in French at Duke University; currently a PhD student in Romance Languages and Literatures (French) at Harvard . Thesis: “Once Upon a Time, There Was Luxury...”