Affiliated Columbia Faculty

Every year the HILI program brings 3 distinguished professors from Columbia to teach in Paris. This is a list of New-York based faculty affiliated with the program. For current and upcoming faculty, see the Featured Faculty page.

Charly Coleman - bio
Assistant Professor
History of eighteenth-century France: intersections between religion and Enlightenment thought and economic theologies

Antoine Compagnon - bio
Blanche W. Knopf Professor 
Sixteenth, nineteenth and twentieth-century French literature; literary theory

Peter Connor - bio
Associate Professor 
Twentieth-century French literature and philosophy 

Jenny Davidson - bio
Eighteenth-century British literature and culture; cultural and intellectual history, especially history of science; the contemporary novel

Souleymane Bachir Diagne - bio
History of philosophy, Islamic philosophy, African philosophy and literature

Madeleine Dobie - bio
Eighteenth-century French literature; Francophone literature; colonial history

Kathy Eden - bio
Professor Chavkin Family Professor of English Literature and Professor of Classics,
Renaissance humanism, history of rhetoric, hermeneutics, ancient literary theory, and history of classical scholarship

Brent Edwards - bio
African-American and African diasporic literature; Francophone literature; translation theory; cultural history of jazz

Eric Foner - bio
DeWitt Clinton Professor
Nineteenth-century American history; the literature of American history 

Pierre Force - bio
Seventeenth and eighteenth-century literature and intellectual history; history of hermeneutics; philosophy of history

Carol Gluck - bio
George Sansom Professor
History of modern Japan, intellectual history, historiography and public memory in Japan and the West

Marianne Hirsch - bio
William Peterfield Trent Professor
Comparative literature (twentieth-century French, German, British, American); feminist theory, narrative; cultural memory; Holocaust studies, visual culture

Joseph Howley - bio
Assistant Professor
Greek and Roman culture; processes of mediation in the Roman Imperial world; the ancient and modern history of the book.

Elisabeth Ladenson - bio
Nineteenth and twentieth-century French literature and cultural history

Gregory Mann - bio
West African History; Islam in Africa

Emmanuelle Saada - bio
Associate Professor
History and sociology of colonization and immigration

Joseph Slaughter - bio
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
African, Latin American, and Third-World Literatures; Postcolonialism; The Global South; Critical and Narrative Theory; Human Rights; Intellectual Property; Law and Literature

Leo Spitzer - bio
Visiting Professor of Oral History
Photography, testimony, and Jewish refugee memory and its transmission

Joanna Stalnaker - bio
Associate Professor
Enlightenment literature, philosophy, and history of ideas; French Revolution; theater; women writers

Michael Stanislawski - bio
Nathan J. Miller Professor of Jewish History
Jewish, European intellectual and Russian history.

Dorothea von Mücke - bio
Eighteenth-century semiotics and aesthetics (German, French and English)

Carl Wennerlind - bio
Associate Professor
Seventeenth and eighteenth-century political economy