Affiliated Columbia Faculty

Every year the HILI program brings 3 distinguished professors from Columbia to teach in Paris. This is a list of New-York based faculty affiliated with the program. For current and upcoming faculty, see the Featured Faculty page.

Casey Blake - bio
Professor of History and Mendelson Family Professor of American Studies
U.S. intellectual and cultural history

Charly Coleman - bio
Assistant Professor
History of eighteenth-century France: intersections between religion and Enlightenment thought and economic theologies

Antoine Compagnon - bio
Blanche W. Knopf Professor 
Sixteenth, nineteenth and twentieth-century French literature; literary theory

Peter Connor - bio
Associate Professor 
Twentieth-century French literature and philosophy 

Jenny Davidson - bio
Eighteenth-century British literature and culture; cultural and intellectual history, especially history of science; the contemporary novel

Souleymane Bachir Diagne - bio
History of philosophy, Islamic philosophy, African philosophy and literature

Madeleine Dobie - bio
Eighteenth-century French literature; Francophone literature; colonial history

Thomas Dodman - bio
Assistant Professor of French
Modern France and French Empire; cultural and intellectual history; history of emotions, medical humanities, and psychoanalysis; political economy and critical social theory.

Kathy Eden - bio
Professor Chavkin Family Professor of English Literature and Professor of Classics,
Renaissance humanism, history of rhetoric, hermeneutics, ancient literary theory, and history of classical scholarship

Brent Edwards - bio
African-American and African diasporic literature; Francophone literature; translation theory; cultural history of jazz

Pierre Force - bio
Seventeenth and eighteenth-century literature and intellectual history; history of hermeneutics; philosophy of history

Carol Gluck - bio
George Sansom Professor
History of modern Japan, intellectual history, historiography and public memory in Japan and the West

Marianne Hirsch - bio
William Peterfield Trent Professor
Comparative literature (twentieth-century French, German, British, American); feminist theory, narrative; cultural memory; Holocaust studies, visual culture

Joseph Howley - bio
Assistant Professor
Greek and Roman culture; processes of mediation in the Roman Imperial world; the ancient and modern history of the book.

Elisabeth Ladenson - bio
Nineteenth and twentieth-century French literature and cultural history

Gregory Mann - bio
West African History; Africa and France

Stephanie McCurry - bio
R. Gordon Hoxie Professor of American History in Honor of Dwight D. Eisenhower
19th century U.S., the American South, the American Civil War, history of women and gender

Pablo Piccato - bio
Mexican history; History of crime

Emmanuelle Saada - bio
Associate Professor
History and sociology of colonization and immigration

Joseph Slaughter - bio
Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature
African, Latin American, and Third-World Literatures; Postcolonialism; The Global South; Critical and Narrative Theory; Human Rights; Intellectual Property; Law and Literature

Joanna Stalnaker - bio
Associate Professor
Enlightenment literature, philosophy, and history of ideas; French Revolution; theater; women writers

Michael Stanislawski - bio
Nathan J. Miller Professor of Jewish History
Jewish, European intellectual and Russian history.

Dorothea von Mücke - bio
Eighteenth-century semiotics and aesthetics (German, French and English)

Carl Wennerlind - bio
Associate Professor
Seventeenth and eighteenth-century political economy 

Jennifer Wenzel - bio
Associate Professor
Postcolonial Theory and Decolonization, African and South Asian Literatures, Environmental Humanities