Certain libraries connected with the municipal system are specialized in specific fields of study. For these libraries, you will need to present a passport or driver’s license and a passport photo for your library card, but one library card will give you access to all specialized libraries. These libraries are devoted to diverse subjects, from crime literature to the environment to music. The full list of specialized libraries is available here:


This library is a specialized municipal library of La Ville de Paris.                                                    79, rue Nationale, 75013 metro: Nationale, 01 45 70 80 30
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 14h-18h, Closed Sunday-Monday
Access: On-site consultation after free inscription with a passport.
Collections: This library specializes in Women’s Studies, with a large collection of works spanning from the 17th century to today concerning women as well as written by women. 

HISTORY-related Libraries


Université Paris X – Nanterre, 01 40 97 72 01
200, av. de la République, 92001 Nanterre, 01 40 97 79 00
(RER A, direction Saint-Germain-en-Laye, arrêt Nanterre-Université)
Hours: Monday-Friday 9h-18h
Access: Inscription with a valid ID.
Collections: This library’s collection focuses on information and resources surrounding international relations during the 20th and 21st centuries including the World Wars, colonization, migration, and major political and social movements. 

BIBLIOTHÈQUE MAZARINE                                                                    

Institut de France: 23, quai Conti, 75006 metros: Pont Neuf
Hours: Monday-Friday 10h-18h
Access: With your passport, you may get a library card for 15€.
Collections: The Mazarine Library is based on the collection of Mazarin’s historic library made up of manuscripts, special collections, and rare books, yet also includes contemporary resources of books and periodicals.



24, rue Pavée, 75004, metro: Saint Paul
01 44 59 29 40
Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10h-18h.
Access: Entry to the museum
Collections: This museum houses a library of works centered on the history of Paris.

BIBLIOTHÈQUE DE L’HÔTEL DE VILLE                                              

Hôtel de Ville, 75004, metro: Hôtel de Ville
5, Rue Lobeau entrée 5ème étage, escalier W.
Hours: Monday-Friday 9h30-18h
Access: Entry upon presentation of a passport.
Collections: The collections are especially rich in law, history, and social sciences. Additionally, the library has large reading room spaces for study.

ART HISTORY-Related Libraries


5, rue Vivienne 75002, metro Bourse, 01 47 03 84 01
(Foundation Jacques Doucet) at the Institut National d’Histoire de l’art: 01 47 41 68 29
Hours: Monday-Friday 9h-18h, Saturday 9h-17h
Access: You must complete a pre-inscription online then in person you will need a passport, your ENS or EHESS student card to receive your free annual library card. For online pre-inscription:
Collections: Includes the extensive collections of Jacques Doucet, a collector of materials relating to arts and archaeology. The library has a very large working space/reading room for working.


1, rue du Figuier, 75004, metro: Pont Marie, 01 42 78 14 60
Hours: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 13h-19h30, Wednesday, Thursday 10h-19h30
Access: Bring a passport for entry to the library.
Collections: The bibliothèque Forney is a part of les bibliothèques de la Ville de Paris, so if you have a municipal card specializes in the arts, art history, graphic arts, and historical information of Paris, etc. The library has a beautiful working space with a garden in the heart of the Marais. 

BIBLIOTHÈQUE DES ARTS DÉCORATIFS                                           

111, rue de Rivoli, 75001 metro: Louvre
Dépendent également des Arts Décoratifs les institutions suivantes :
Hours: Monday 13h-19h, Tuesday 10h-19h, and Wednesday-Friday 10h-18h
Access: Entry is reserved for those studying in the collections, as there are only 10 places.
Collections: A diverse collection including 200,000 works, those of graphic design, fine art, architecture, and art history.

AFRICAN-Related Libraries


This library is part of the Institut des Mondes Africains.
Centre Malher, 9 rue Malher, 75004
Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9h30- 18h/Wednesday 13h-18h, Thursday 9h30-20h
Access: On-site consultation reserved firstly for students and researchers of Paris 1.
Collections:    More than 28,000 rare books, 900 periodicals, more than 2,000 student works (theses and memoires), correspondences, maps and archives especially from Professors Raymond Mauny, Yves Person and Claude Millassoux. 


This library is part of the Institut des Mondes Africains.
IMAF-CNRS, 3rd floor, room 328, 27 rue Paul Bert 94204, Ivry-sur-Seine

MEDIA Libraries (Médiathèques and Cinémathèques)


This library is part of the Cinémathèque Française.
51 Rue de Bercy, 75012 Paris, metro: Bercy
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10-19h; Sauturday 13-18h30*
Access: Each entry to the library costs 3.50€, or you can buy a year-long library card for 20€ (10€ if you are younger than 26 years old).
Collections: The Bibliothèque du Film possesses a large amount of books, periodicals, and iconographic sources related to films from around the world. You can also consult over 12,000 films on DVD and Blu-Ray in the “vidéothèque.”

BIBLIOTHÈQUE MUSICALE GUSTAV MALHER                                

11 bis, rue de Vézeley, 75008 metro: Villiers
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 10-18, Friday-Saturday 10-17h
Access: You must submit a research proposal either by email or contact Christiane David in order to have access