French Student VISA

All students are required to have a LONG STAY STUDENT VISA (or “Schengen visa”) to study in France, UNLESS they are a citizen of an EU member country. EU citizens do not need to apply for a visa.

There are two parts to the visa process with a follow-up process in Paris: 

  1. Campus France registration
  2. Applying for the visa at the French Consulate
  3. (Once in Paris, you will finalize the titre de séjour process)

You must register with Campus France before going to the consulate, but you can (and should) schedule your appointment at the consulate before you have completed the Campus France process. Most French consulates in the U.S. now require that you schedule an appointment online. In August, consulate appointments fill up quickly and you should go online 6 weeks  before you plan to go to the consulate and schedule your visa appointment.  You do not need the final Campus France email to schedule your visa appointment.

If you are not a U.S. citizen- and not an E.U. citizen, immediately check your local (place of residence or study) French consulate’s website regarding a visa for your stay in France. You may not need a visa or it may take longer to obtain.