Internships and jobs

Internship sponsors will be looking for students with a good command of French and previous experience, either professional or academic, in the field of expressed interest. Internships in France are considered pre-job training and may be difficult to get.

Internships cannot be any more than 15 hours per week, given the rigorous nature of the HILI program. You are encouraged to look for internships in your field, whether that be in a feminist publishing house or an art gallery, or whatever else might be related to your studies and interests.

All internships require a “convention de stage” between your internship organization and the HILI program (see the Associate Director of Studies to obtain this contract).

Below is a list of past internships:

  • Éclair translations
  • BIO Intelligence Service
  • Courrier International
  • Editions Flammarion

Paid teaching positions organized between Ecole Alsacienne and HILI

HILI students have the opportunity to teach their first language at the Ecole Alsacienne, whether that is English, Spanish, Chinese, or German. 

The teaching assistant position entails working with small groups of students (10-15) to help develop spoken language capabilities and expand their knowledge of the culture. 

 It is paid roughly paid 400 euros/month from November through the end of May. 


HILI part-time position at the ENS

The HiLi position at the Direction des Relations Internationales at the ENS is a part-time position that allows students to gain administrative experience in higher education and work on their professional French skills. The position encompasses exploring special projects for the office, helping with the administrative processes of the office, such as registering incoming exchange students and providing outgoing exchange students with grants, and translation of texts between French and English.

The DRI is a small, intimate office and thus gives students the opportunity to see how the entirety of the study abroad process is organized. The position is generally 12-15 hours a week and in the past has paid 13-14 euros per hour (before taxes and other deductions).