Paris Housing Information

Housing in Paris is completely at the discretion of master’s students; although the M.A. program is happy to organize housing for students in Paris, housing may be arranged by the student as well. Columbia proposes the following housing options: private rooms at the Cité Universitaire, studio apartments, shared apartments, and maid-quarter apartments (chambres de bonnes). Students who request housing through Columbia will fill out a questionnaire about their housing preferences which will inform the housing options proposed. After students have chosen a housing option, they will be put in direct contact with the landlord/ proprietor to finalize details, and a rental contract will be drawn by the Associate Director of Studies. 

Please note that you will not be living “on campus” and will have to commute. Many residences require up to 30 minutes commute to Reid Hall using public transportation. Students interested in obtaining housing through Reid Hall should contact Keithley Woolward at: [email protected], Reid Hall, 4 rue de Chevreuse, 75006 Paris, France, as soon as possible.

Note: Landlords will usually ask for the equivalent of one or two month's rent as a deposit, in addition to a month's rent in advance.

Types of Housing through Reid Hall

1. : The Cité Universitaire/ Résidence Lucien Paye (see Website for more information )

The MA program may place students at the Cité International Universitaire Paris (CIUP), which was established in 1925 to support student exchanges. CIUP houses over 5,000 French and international students and scholars in 40 residence halls situated on a unique landscaped park; it is located about 20 minutes from Reid Hall by public transportation. HILI students will be placed in the LUCIEN PAYE residence hall. CIUP has a vibrant, diverse community and hosts over 800 events ranging from concerts to exhibitions to readings. There is also a wide range of athletic facilities for residents to use including a pool, tennis courts, soccer fields, and rooms for dancing and fencing.

Each private room is usually furnished with a single bed, closet, desk, storage space, telephone, high-speed internet access, television connection, and a small private bathroom with W/C, sink, and shower. Cité Universitaire also provides sheets and blankets but does not lend residents towels. Each house has kitchen access (on every floor), a laundry room, and general meeting rooms such as a reading room, a computer room, and a game room.

Approximate cost: 650€/month.

2. Studio and one-bedroom apartments:

The cost of these apartments varies depending on the size and proximity to Reid Hall and/or major tourist areas. The rental fees vary due to a number of factors such as neighborhood, renovation status, etc.

Approximage cost: 850-1600€/month plus utilities*

3. Shared apartments:

Usually you share a big apartment or a house with someone in their 50’s.

Approximate cost: 600-700€/month

4. Chambres de bonne:

There are a limited number of “maid’s rooms” available. They are generally very small (about 90-160 square feet) situated on the upper floors of Paris apartment buildings, seldomly with elevator access, and they are commonly rented to students and others with limited means. They typically include:

  • A single bed (double beds are rare)
  • A desk
  • Minimal storage space
  • A hot-plate, small refrigerator and sink
  • Bathroom facilities (sink and shower) sometimes inside the room, sometimes shared
  • Shared toilet facilities in the hallway

Visitation rights are usually not restricted. Rooms have internet access.

Approximate cost : 500-700€/month plus utilities*

5. Renting an apartment on your own:

Note: The HILI program WILL NOT BE LIABLE TO YOU for any accidents or personal injuries acquired under this option. If you wish to rent a studio or apartment on your own, do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. Be very careful of scams; check out the validity of the housing before committing yourself.



Practical Information


Students should be prepared to pay for their internet connection and utilities. Laundry facilities may or may not be availible in the apartment. Utility bills can range from 50-100€/ month for gas/electricity; and 30-50€/ month for internet connection, depending if TV service is included. Students will be responsible for the final condition of the apartment and any damage resulting from their use. 

Personal Liability and Rental Insurance: 

Renter’s Insurance is mandatory in France for any type of housing. Personal Liability is mandatory for any student participating in excursions, etc…

The students will have to sign up for housing and personal liability insurance before their arrival. It will cost around 50€ for a standard apartment and around 90 € for a one bedroom apartment.