Campus France Registration

Once you submit your application online and Campus France receives your documents and payment, you should receive a confirmation email from them within 3 weeks at your personal Campus France account. 

  • Register

    On the right side of the page, there is a section “Your ETUDES EN FRANCE account”. 

  • Select Your Consulate

    You will need to select the consulate at which you will apply for your visa. You must choose EITHER the one representing your home address or your school address. Whichever you choose, use the same address for all visa-related forms. Be certain to consider where you will be living when you apply for your visa.

  • Send Copies of Acceptance Letter

    You should have received by email your acceptance letter in English from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and one “Attestation d’études, de ressources et de domicile” in French from Christine Valero as soon as you have an address in France. After you receive these letters, send copies of them with a money order in the requested amount with your Campus France ID written on it. You MUST get the money order from the bank or the post office and you cannot pay in any other way (no personal checks, no cash, etc). Be sure to make a copy for your records

  • Print Confirmation Emails

    Once Campus France has received both your online application and your supporting documents with payment, they will email two confirmations to your Campus France personal account: one for payment (Quittance) and one that is a confirmation email. You MUST receive the confirmation emails before going to the consulate or you will be turned away.