Health Insurance

Students under 28 get a French Student Health Insurance policy. It will be valid until  August 31. It does not cover psychological sessions nor repatriation. 

The AON insurance is 471, 60 euros /year  and covers medical costs (doctors, hospitals) including psychological therapy. AON is a european company based in the Netherlands, chosen by most of  European universities enrolling  non-European students, that offers a very good coverage in France, during research  travels around the world and even during eight weeks in the student home country (however only accidents are covered  outside France).

Students above 28  must enroll with a private insurance company.


What does the Health Insurance Cover?

The French student health insurance policy will cover your medical needs up to 70 % throughout Europe but NOT in the USA. You may enroll in a “mutuelle” 8 € - 30 € per month if you want higher coverage.

It also does not cover the cost of psychological therapy.

Since you will not receive the national insurance card “Carte vitale” before the end of the program, you will have to pay for your medications and doctor's visits. You will then be reimbursed. The cost of a doctor’s visit is likely to be anywhere from 23€ to 50€.

What is a French Social Security number?

In France, everyone receives a 13-digit number at birth that one is required to have to take school exams, to work, and for overall well being. It permits individuals to be covered under the public health system. This number is also the one you will need to be reimbursed for any medical fees during your stay. 

How do you obtain your social security number?

During the first month of the program, we will set up accounts together as it is required to have one and it provides great coverage for foreigners for free. 

For the official government website (with FAQ in English) visit:

To sign up follow the link:

The registration period takes about a month.