Co-curricular activities

The HILI program organizes excursions inspired by the HILI seminars and/or the MA Essay topics.

During the Fall and in May-June, Linnéa R. Tilly, PhD in Art History, specialist of architecture and urbanism, invites M.A. students to join her for a selected number of walks in different areas of Paris and in the closer suburbs. From an architectural and social perspective, students receive insights into the historical context of these sites and learn how to trace social symbols as well as to appreciate the evolution and complexities of urban growth – how to observe and understand the built environment.

In addition to the must-sees such as le Marais, le Palais Royal, les Halles,  MA students go to la Défense,  Saint-Denis, Poissy or Marly.

The walks were very informative and a great introduction to Paris. They also helped complement course material and thesis ideas in surprising ways!

During the Spring, the HILI program organizes museum workshops at the Louvre, Musée d’Orsay, Centre Pompidou, Musée d’art moderne. The goal of these workshops is to make students aware of the esthetic debates in art – from the 17th to the 20th century.

Each year, HILI organizes outings to the theater, the Opera, concerts, etc …
Examples of 2016-17 outings :

  • Balanchine ballet at the Opera Garnier.
  • Don Giovanni, Tosca, Lohengrin, and the Magic Flute at the Opera Bastille. These outings were explicitly chosen to highlight and to illustrate questions raised in the seminar « From the Enlightenment to Romanticism »
  • Plays at the Comedie Française, Odéon, Château de Versailles etc ..
  • Concerts at la Philarmonie de Paris.
  • Exhibits  au Musée du Luxembourg, Musée Branly etc…

The program organizes field trips relevant to the topics of the seminars such as trips to the Memorial de Caen, Marseille, and Nantes – a city  with a past of triangular slave trade.

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