Keithley Woolward

Keithley Woolward


Bridging literary history and cultural studies, my teaching and scholarship focuses on the texts, images and cultural practices that constitute the anti-colonial and post-independence corpus of Francophone Africa and the Caribbean dating from the mid 1950’s to our contemporary moment. Deploying the tools of “postcolonial reading”—informed by African Diaspora; Contemporary Theory; Performance, Gender and Sexuality Studies—my research seeks to articulate and ground these multiple archival registers in geospatial contexts thereby rendering visible the complex interrelations and poignant cultural combinations of Africa and the Caribbean as spaces of representation and knowledge production.

Expanding my research interests to include a robust understanding of Public Economics and Development Policy implementation in the context of international multilateral organizations, I earned a Master of Public Affairs in Culture Policy and Creative Industries at Sciences Po, Paris (2018).


Representative Publications

“Fanon, Freedom of Assembly and the Right to Protest in the Contemporary Caribbean.” College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies Volume 45, No.1 (Winter 2018).

“Theater, Memory and National Consciousness in the work of Edouard Glissant.” Caribbean Quarterly Volume 63, No. 2 Special Issue: “The Caribbean Stage” (September 2017).

“Patrick Chamoiseau’s Texaco or the Ecology of Caribbean Identity.” The Journal of West Indian Literature, Volume 24, No. 2 Special Issue: “Caribbean Ecocriticism” (November 2016).

“Queering the Line: Challenging Gender in Myriam Chancy’s Spirit of Haiti.” Caribbean Quarterly Special Issue: “Masculinities in Caribbean Literature and Culture.” Caribbean Quarterly Volume 60, No. 4 (December 2014).

“World Literature in French: A Caribbean Design?” Small Axe, no. 33 (November 2010): 89-98.